Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Beds, beds and more beds!!!

  Ok so basically I have made a load more beds if you  didn't get that from the title. Plus I have updated all the existing beds to the latest MLP engine and I have added new threesome animations to  all of them.  Best of all they are still at the same prices and I am offering free upgrades to anyone who has bought a bed previously and wants the latest one.

So here are some piccies of the latest beds, hope you see something you could umm...sleep in , yes thats right :-D

Monday, 30 May 2011

Alchemy County Fair

 For those if you who aren't already aware, Johnny Night has organised a county fair on the Isle of Alchemy. Johnny and several others have been real busy making the fairground rides and attractions and it  is due to open on the 1st June.

  What's different about this fair is many creators have taken up booths to sell items there and 100% of all proceeds of any sales made there will go to Second Harvest Japan which collects and distributes  food and essentials to those in dire need in Japan and  following the recent chain of disasters which  befell them they  became an emergency response group.

Please hit the link to  Johnnys post with all the details:   Alchemy County Fair

  So  to do my part this is what I am offering over there, and yes I know I am not a shoe maker but I made these for myself and have had a few people asking to buy them. So I have made them available at the fair and for the fair only.

  Price is 250Iz, please wear them with alpha layer provided. Hope you like them :D

Saturday, 28 May 2011


After a good few months in the works Wolf Hall is ready for release. It is a good few prims (over 2k fully rezzed with all bells and whistles) but just over 1k without all the lights, curtains, pews etc.

 Anywayyy thanks to John Mahogany for the wolfies that inspired the wolf guard sensors and heres a couple of pics.

On to the next one........

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Order of the Snark


As some of you may know a few of us have been trying to build a special kind of hunt in Inworldz, the Snark Hunt. This came about from an idea Bard had to take the basic hunt that we all know and make it into more of a quest that is ongoing and can be added to.   The Hunting of the Snark is an epic poem by Lewis Carroll and full of nonsensical words and descriptions which you can use your own imagination  to understand.

  The basic premise is  hunting for a token, when you find the token and touch it you are awarded one token and a clue to the next one in your IM. The next token you find gives you another token etc. They all add up and then you can  potter off to Snark Hall (Swan Islands) and exchange your tokens for whatever prize you choose as long as you have enough tokens.

  So then you have the tokens themselves, you pick up the scripts  and notecards at Snark Hall, read the instructions and then go and  make your token and place it at  your chosen location, entering your clue and hint and updating it. This sends your clue  and enters it as a new clue  in the hunt.
 Thirdly  there is the prize vendor, if you want to donate a prize you  pick up the scripts and notecards at Snark Hall, make sure you have a vendor tag on  ( you have to join the group for this, give me a shout for a vendor tag) and pop up your vendor with your prize inside, a pic of the prize on the vendor with text saying how many tokens you require for it.  Obviously this is not about money so nobody gets any money, these are prizes like you will find on any normal hunt.

  The Order of the Snark is about giving new residents something to do  when  they first land in our world and also for everyone to take part in  if they want. 

  At the moment we are in the testing stage, making sure everything works as it should,  that notecards and instructions can be understood, and taking feedback and suggestions from people.

  So if any of you have some spare time, why don't you pop down to  Snark Hall and give it a go, test  one or all parts of it and let us know how you get on. Landmark can be found in  mine and Amaranthim Talon picks. Thanks in advance

Thursday, 5 May 2011

What have I been up to lately...

  sometimes it seems there aren't enough hours in the day and other times there are too many and you can't think of a single thing to do . Lately I have been working on a couple of biggish projects, one of which is our home sim, we decided to have a beach on one side of it which was great fun to build, and inspired me to make a beach bar and palm trees and hammock and... the list goes on. For some reason I have issues when I want something, I want to try and make it all by myself which can be disastrous at times. Other times it can come out pretty well, well at least Bard says it does but then he is biased.

 I am also working on a victorian style build as well as a mahussive castle which is my downtime project. John Mahogany is building me a kitchen for the house as I think his style would suit it far better than anything I could do.

Bard keeps a list  for me of things I say I want or need to do and that damn list gets longer by the day just as I finish one thing I have already managed to add another 3 or 4. But I am not complaining, Inworldz gives me so much joy and freedom it's not my fault if I get carried away with all the possibilities.

I blame Misty...

because this is her fault after all. She stared at me and muttered words of evil so I caved in and here I am.  I told her I had nothing much of interest to say but we will see.

Being new to the world of blogging although I do read others, I have no idea in which direction this one will go  but I will be blogging about anything I feel like. Which could include my latest build or a store new to me where I got this great outfit that I just have to show off. Pretty much anything could come out of my head it's very jumbled in there.

Oh also expect many typos and other weird stuff cos that's just how I roll, does this thing not have a spellchecker?