Monday, 30 May 2011

Alchemy County Fair

 For those if you who aren't already aware, Johnny Night has organised a county fair on the Isle of Alchemy. Johnny and several others have been real busy making the fairground rides and attractions and it  is due to open on the 1st June.

  What's different about this fair is many creators have taken up booths to sell items there and 100% of all proceeds of any sales made there will go to Second Harvest Japan which collects and distributes  food and essentials to those in dire need in Japan and  following the recent chain of disasters which  befell them they  became an emergency response group.

Please hit the link to  Johnnys post with all the details:   Alchemy County Fair

  So  to do my part this is what I am offering over there, and yes I know I am not a shoe maker but I made these for myself and have had a few people asking to buy them. So I have made them available at the fair and for the fair only.

  Price is 250Iz, please wear them with alpha layer provided. Hope you like them :D

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